The Band
Graham Powell
Graham's Photography

The Fans

Rock Code Aurhority

Montreal based (for now) Jess Stein created this FUN Supers' fan page.

The Music Links
Sho, Mo and The Monkey Bunch
A kid's CD project that Maury and Graham are involved in...cute.
Chris Warren
Check him out...

Dan Bryk
If you haven't already heard of Dan, click on his site NOW!!
Jason Falkner
Jon Brion
Kurt Swinghammer:cultural engineer.
Brains behind the artwork for "Spklanng" and "Mystery of Pop Mountain"!

Mia Sheard
:Rock Biatch!
Ron Sexsmith

What can I say? If you've never heard of him GO NOW!!

The Music Resources
Umbrella Music


Maple Music
New Music Canada
Cool place to hear bands

The Sausage Links
Shoshana Sperling
What's with this chick?
How it All Vegan
Great Vegan Recipes!

Email me any links that you think should be here.