Amplifier Magazine April 2001 issue

"By day...Superintendents, by night...Super Rock Heroes!" reads the liner notes to this mini-masterpiece from Toronto's The Supers. It works for me--I mean if Clark Kent can be a newspaper reporter, why the heck not? In a more just world, where pure talent and desire were enough to actually pay the bills, The Supers could quit their day jobs. But as we're living in reality, I'd advise any and all lovers smart, sharp, melodic pop and roll to catch one of the Supers shows shows at first opportunity.

In the meantime, be sure to score a copy of Spklanng! from your local neighborhood pop music dealer. the twelve melodic gems here are sure to quicken any true pop fan's pulse. The beautifully melancholy "Secret," featuring a guitar solo from heaven, opens the disc and sets the bar high. "Even Fools" begins with a Chris Isaak vibe, and utilizes a toy piano solo that would do NRBQ's Terry Adams proud. "So Many Crooks" and "Turn" call upon the manic energy of Barenaked Ladies, while "I Don't Wanna Sleep" is glorious acoustic pop that recalls the best of Crowded House. The energetic, hook-laden " Stitch in Time" is time capsule-worthy power-pop, with its requisite chiming guitars and ethereal background vox. Even better is "Only You," quite simply the most beautiful, straightforward love ballad to come down the pike in far too long.

And though it's still relatively early in the new year, I will say this much: if by some chance Spklanng! doesn't find a place on scores of year-end "best of" lists, then 2001 will have been a damn fine year for music, indeed.

-Rick Shadelbauer for Amplifier Magazine April 2001 issue