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The Supers

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Venue: B-SIDE
Date: Saturday, March 31, 2001
Reporter: Shaun Hatton
Background/Composition    Two guys onstage, one with an acoustic guitar, the other with a stand-up bass. Both of them sang.

Key for Achievement of Rock 'n' Roll Expectations

*    80-100: Band exceeds skill and knowledge expectations. Rocked us so hard we peed our pants.
*    70-79: Band achieves required skills and knowledge. Meets rock 'n' roll standard.
*    60-69: Demonstrates some skills. Approaches rock 'n' roll standard.
*    50-59: Band demonstrates some required skills and knowledge in a limited way.
*    Below 50: Band has not demonstrated required skills or knowledge.
World Domination Status:
Progressing well towards world domination
The Supers is actually a four-piece standard rock band. For this acoustic performance, just one guitarist and the bassist played. It was cool to see them out of their power-pop element.

Key for Learning Skills:
E=Excellent, G=Good, S=Satisfactory, N=Sad Really

Oral And Visual Communication
Eye Contact:        E              
Pronounciation:    E            
Stage Presence:   E
Stage Banter:       E
Image:                  E
Appearance:         E
Use Of Stage:       E
Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
The bassist was very funny between songs, where he plugged their album and talked about upcoming "full band" shows. Then he joked about how the stand-up MADE him a full band and that he didn't need the other guys. Bonus cheese points for spinning the bass around on its post.

Musical Analysis
Cooperation With Others:    E     
Level Of Participation:         E    
Problem Solving:                 E
Teamwork:                           G
Work Habits:                        E
Organization:                       E
Audience Participation:        G
Sound:                                 E
Composition:                        E
Songs:                                 G
Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
Hearing only half the band play puts more emphasis on the vocals and makes you realize what amazing singers these guys are. There was a good amount of back-up "oohs" and harmonies.

Other Skills And Areas Of Interest
Charisma:                               E    
Sexiness:                               G    
Haircut:                                   G
Indie Rock Footwear:              G
Nods To Disposable Fashion:  G
Cool Equipment:                     E
Level Of Inebriation:               G
Actual Ability:                          E
Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
The guitarist was wearing a funny straw-type hat and made silly faces.