The Supers Spklanng! + 8.5
[Permanent Press]

By W. Andrew Powell

Turning off my CD player after I listened to Spklanng! was the hardest thing I had to do for this review. A close second is trying to find the right words to describe The Supers. Nothing quite fits because they have a pop feel to them, but not the kind you'd associate with most of the stuff on the radio. Instead, The Supers have taken the sounds of college power-pop rock and mixed them up with different sounds from the past 10 years.

About the biggest understatement I could make would be to call this a "catchy album". That term gets thrown around a lot, but it only really means something after you've heard songs like "Turn", "I Don't Want To Sleep" or "Fall". Almost every song here has some kind of catchy syndrome that just won't let your mind stop working after you've shut off the stereo and they are all easy anthems for the rest of your day.

The Supers' strongest moments are when they harmonize to bring the songs together. "Fall" has some really great moments like that and it doesn't hurt that the lyrics are all so open, friendly and easy to like that you'll have them memorized after the third listen.

Go out and find this disc, you have to, if nothing else so you can sell it on Ebay for $500 in 20 years when these guys are famous. You won't regret it, especially since this is really good pop (spelled p-o-p, not c-r-a-p). One thing is certain, there are lots of reasons for these guys to go far.